Reimage Review


I had been thinking not to include this software in the best Windows optimizer review, after some thoughts… I just can’t ignore it! Let me explain a bit more. First of all, this is not just a normal registry cleaner, it is not created to help you maintain your registry, but rather a comprehensive Windows XP repair tool. In 3 of our tests, Reimage proves itself by finding out all missing parts and let you see what is missing in your system, and finally let you choose what to repair.

Reimage does works! However, this is not a tool – this is a service package. The software will help you identify your computer problems, and help you restore it to a normal state, but you must pay them for every repair, it works just like sending the computer to a technician for repair, only differences are: you don’t have to send the computer, and you can get instant repair!

Error Detection

Reimage has done an extremely good job in finding errors and missing parts of Windows XP, this is by far the most effective error detection software we ever met!

Scan Efficiency

It takes about 5 to 15 minutes to complete the scan, depending on your computer speed and the problems, this is extremely fast for finding all errors that cause your system to act abnormally.

Safe To Repair

I would say it is rather safe to repair, and if you are not happy with the repair, not only you can undo the repair, you may ask for the full refund as well, if your Windows XP is corrupted, you must try this service.
Additional Tools

Only 1 tool, and I really like it – Reimage PC Booster, it will help you launch and run application faster by analysing and predict which application you are using, and dynamically allocate resources for your current application to run faster!

ActiveX Protection

It doesn’t protect you, just repair.

Deep Scan

Yes, it needs to deep scan Windows XP registry settings to find the problems.

Boost PC Speed

Yes, Reimage PC Booster accelerates my computer almost instantly and seamlessly, try download Reimage, it comes with the PC Booster.

User Friendliness

Very user friendly, it will do all the work for you!

Value VS Money

I still think this software service is a bit pricey, because it automates all repairing processes, it should be able to offer more repairs at the same price, I will give it a 3/5.

Task Scheduler

Nope, and you don’t need one!


I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is still using Windows XP, no matter if your computer is slowing down, virus and spyware infection, or unable to boot up, Reimage will be able to fix all those problems, and restore your system like new! If you want to restore your system like NEW, you must try Reimage. The PC Booster alone worth the download; just too bad Reimage still doesn’t support Windows Vista, and I think it will start to support Windows Vista very soon, and I think Windows 7 may need to wait for another year or two…

Using Reimage only if your computer need repairs and restoration. However, you can download the trial Reimage, and install PC Booster to accelerate your XP for free, even if you don’t need repair!
Price: $47.95 / Repair – 1 Computer