Registry Winner Review


Registry Winner is another highly recommended “to have” Windows optimizer, although this is not the best system optimizer, but I am impressed by its’ ability to find massive errors and especially important feature – optimize tools to speed up your PC! Registry Winner allows you to tune up your registry settings, optimise the default services in your windows and help you defrag your memory (I don’t see much impact for memory defrag, may be some older machines do…)

Error Detection
I must give credit to its’ error detection, although no deep scan available, but it did manage to find tons of errors in the shortest time!

Scan Efficiency
This is the fastest registry optimizer in our test, it found over 600+ errors in just under a minute, that is impressive! However, it doesn’t provide a deep scan through your registry, and many errors came from History/MRU list.

Safe To Repair
It will be auto backup before repair, and all errors are listed clearly in groups, you may manually ignore some of the entries, very safe to use.

Additional Tools
It doesn’t provide duplicate file finder, and most of the tools are similar to registry easy. However, it does provide extra systems tune up feature, which you may want to look into it! I would say it is a bit more efficient in boosting your computer speed as in comparison to other registry cleaners.

ActiveX Protection
No ActiveX protection.

Deep Scan
No Deep Scan but able to find many errors, that helps to maintain a healthy system resource.

Boost PC Speed
The best tool to tune up your computer, I see no other registry cleaner provide more tuning than Registry Winner. Thanks to this PC Speed optimizer you can play online and run the latest online casino games on your  xp powered computer.

User Friendliness
Very user-friendly, and no delay in showing the menu items!

Value VS Money
Yes, I think this product is value for money!

Task Scheduler
Included with Task Scheduler, but you must have a Windows login password setup to run the task scheduler.

I like Registry Winner, the fast detection speed and tune up tools makes it into our top 4 PC optimizer. I would recommend it for power user who wanted more speed with their computer, and they know what they are doing! Registry tuning can be very effective and also dangerous, improper use may cause a system slow down and crashes. If you like me, don’t mind trading the risk for extra speed, this might be your answer!

Price: $34.95 / Year – 1 Computers + $9.90 Extend To 3 Years