Registry Easy Review

fix with registry easy

Registry easy is one of the most effective and efficient registry scanners available today, it not only detects the most errors in our test, but also includes with many powerful utilities – memory optimizer, system optimizer, ActiveX blocker, common registry problem fixer and much more! To speed up your Internet connection, try optimize internet in registry easy, if it doesn’t work, you may want to try Spyware Cease in ACA Utilities, and registry easy is now part of ACA Utilities.

Error Detection
This is the strongest part of Registry Easy, it detects 20% ~ 100% more errors than most registry cleaners, although on health system, many of the errors came from empty keys, but it proves to be effectively maintain the computer speed after removed of all unwanted entries; Restore your computer to its’ original stat of performance.

Scan Efficiency
It doesn’t particularly take longer time to finish the scan, as in comparison to normal registry cleaner, but it finds many unwanted entries effectively!

Safe To Repair
It will ask for auto backup before any repair, and you may choose to repair individual errors as well, flexible while very safe for normal user, and you don’t have to be an expect to use it.

Additional Tools
Registry easy is one of the most features rich cleaning tool available, not only restore your computer performance, it actually helps you tweak few of the default settings and maximize the potential speed of your system! The range of tools from System optimizer, Internet Optimizer to Evidence Cleaner, Duplicate and Junk file cleaner, and finally IE repair and ActiveX blocker!

ActiveX Protection
Unauthorized ActiveX may cause your system to slow down and freeze, it will leak your private information to hackers and hijack your credit card! Registry Easy provides the basic protection from common ActiveX, it is recommended to use Spyware Cease together for best result. Visit ACA Utilities to find out more…

Deep Scan
Registry Easy provide deep scan to all entries, not just touching the surface, that’s why it can detect the most errors!

Boost PC Speed
You bet! Registry easy comes with many optimization tools, you can feel the system slightly faster than before, especially on old and low memory system! Heavy duty computer with many application will find it useful in maintaining the system performance. If your computer doesn’t install many application, you won’t notice much different, but it work extremely well on heavily loaded system!

User Friendliness
With 1-click maintenance, you can sit back and watch it find all the rubbish entries and junk files, it does all the work for you – automatically! Or may be you want even more automation, just schedule a scan and remove every week and you can forget about it, Registry Easy will automatically detect and clean your system.

Value VS Money
Consider the feature and price, I would say Registry Easy worth every penny! And now with additional $7, you can get all ACA Utilities with even more tools – 14 extra utilities to help you maintain your system.

Task Scheduler
Included and work in the background, seamlessly!

Registry Easy is our all time favorite cleaning tool. Registry Easy is here to restore your system performance, repair all your computer errors, and tune up your computer. But don’t expect Registry Easy to boost your computer like a rocket, it just won’t happen! And up to date, I never saw a tool that can do such a  magic performance…

If you are computer enthusiast, professional and programmer, you will install tons of tools and application to your system, I won’t be surprise that you need more speed for your computer, there never be enough! Try to maintain and restore your computer performance, continuously increasing your hardware budget doesn’t guarantee the maximum utilization of your system, try to do “housekeeping” once awhile, and Registry Easy is your answer!

Price: $39.95 / Year – 1 Computers