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INTRODUCING: The Best Registry Cleaner in All NEW ACA Utilities – Registry Easy!


ACA Utilities is a newly launch product from Cheesesoft, the original creator of the award winning best registry cleaner – registry easy! You can find more information abimages registry easy at registry easy review.

Now, Cheesesoft has released a super package of great tools for your windows, for just the price of less than 2 sets of registry easy! Let me first introduce few of my favourite tools:

1. Registry Easy – The original best registry cleaner awarded by our site, it proves to provide best registry error detection and many tools that no other registry cleaners have, we awarded it a 9.5/10 – The Best Registry Cleaner among 20 registry cleaners, we tested in our lab!

2. Spyware Cease – A nice little spyware removal tool, although you can’t compare it with full scale professional anti spyware tools on the market, but it serves another layer of protection to your PC, nice to have!

3. Recoveryer – Do you ever accidentally deleted some important files with shift+Del, and not able to recover from recycle bin? You’ll love this utility, it helps you find deleted files in your hard drives and recover it in no time!

4. Easy Launcher – I absolutely love this little tool! Now I can put all my favourite and the most frequent use program shortcut in this tiny little tool, help me instantly launch any application I want withimages going through the mess…

5. Convert Genius – A Nice little multi-media format conversion tool, supported the format of MP3, AAC, M4A, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, H.264, VOB and DivX.

These are the 5 among 15 utilities that I use most frequently, and loved most! Let’s continue to find images more goodies…


10 more powerful tools for the best registry utilities – ACA Utilities:

1. Perfect Uninstaller – It will help you remove common software that doesn’t uninstall perfectly… clean up all unwanted registry, files and folders.

2. Driver Checker – Find all imagesdated hardware drivers and upgrade them for you, normally you don’t need it, but very effective on certain old and imagesdated PCs…

3. Advanced Defrag – A Better and faster defragmentation tool for your hard drives, it defrag faster but doesn’t provide advanced feature like Diskeeper and PefectDisk.

4. Duplicate File Cleaner – Help you clean up all duplicated files, same features also provided in Registry Easy.

5. Final Uninstaller – Let you uninstall any corrupted or no uninstaller software, recommended for serious computer user.

6. Evidence Smart – Let you clear your own trace and protect your privacy, clean up all website cookies, temporary files and history records, also available in Registry Easy.

7. Memory Savior – Recommended only for a low memory system, it frees up the system cached memory for DLLs and programs, improves performance on low memory PCs, but doesn’t help much on high memory system, also available in Registry Easy.

8. FinalSync – This is highly recommended for people who need to travel and porting dating from desktop to laptop and vice versa… Your life will be easier with this tool.

9. Cookbook Easy – If you ever need to find some great recipes and ideas abimages cooking, try this – 10,000+ selected popular recipes worldwide.

10. Convert My PDF – I use this a lot, convert any ebooks and pdf files into Word, Text, Html, Rtf, or Flash, PDF text, which allows you to edit the information!


By Now, you should have some ideas abimages the collection of ACA Utilities, and I must say the price is definitely a bargain! You get all these tools for only $47 / Year, and if you want a lifetime license, just add another $50! You will get lifetime upgrades to all products…

If you just want the best registry cleaner, I won’t recommend any other than Registry Easy; However, I strongly urge you to consider ACA Utilities, this is absolutely a bargain of lifetime… but it is up to you to make the choice, either way, you won’t be wrong with Registry Easy!